By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Morrells Pre-Catalysed Laquers

Pre-Catalysed lacquers formulated to give a fuller finish with fewer coats. Meets FIRA standard 6250:2005 General Use for horizontal surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops).

Morrells provides a bespoke Fastmatch® colour matching service for Pre-Catalysed lacquers.

/250 Pre-Catalsyt Lacquers

A high quality 25% solids FIRA Standard 6250:2005 General Use Lacquer for manual or automatic spray application, coat-on-coat or over 9004/250 Pre-Catalyst basecoat. Also available in a ‘waxy-feel’ ve…


/280 High Solids Pre-Catalsyt Lacquers

A premium 28% solids lacquer formulated to give a fuller finish with fewer coats and to prevent aeration on deep-grained timbers such as crown-cut mahogany. Use coat-on-coat. Meets the requirements of…


/329 Clear High Build Pre-Catalyst Sealer

A high build, 32% solids, fast drying Pre-Catalysed sealer specifically formulated for use on MDF substrates. Due to the nature of the solvents this product will not encourage the dissolution of waxes…


/519 Hydrocarbon-Free Fastmatch® Pre-Catalyst Primer

A hydrocarbon-free, fast drying, easy to sand, single pack white primer with good covering power. Formulated for use on MDF and suitable for all wooden substrates. Also available in Dark Grey (278/606…


Fastmatch® Pre-Catalyst Colours

A very fast drying, high opacity range of durable single pack interior coatings suitable for all areas where resistance to aggressive abrasion, heat or chemical attack is not required. Available in Wh…