UHS Two Pack Primer

Use UHS Two Pack Primers, with 95% solids, when full gloss mirror finishing is required on high-end kitchens, bathrooms and shopfittings. They can be sprayed through normal cup guns and provide a completely filled, hard flat surface in two easily sanded coats

  • Pack sizes: 5kg
  • Gel coat recoatable: 25 - 35 minutes @ 18°C
  • Sandable: 16 - 24 minutes @ 18°C
  • Coverage: 20m² per 5 kilos dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated
  • Typical finish: 2 – 3 coats at 250 - 300g/m² per coat under Fastmatch® Acid-Catalsyt Colours

Product Codes

5005/900 White UHS Primer
5006/900 Black UHS Primer
5004/900 Clear UHS Sealer
5CAT/900 UHS Catalyst
X001 Fast Thinners


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