induro® SPORT Floor Lacquer

induro® SPORT is a tough resilient two pack waterborne polyurethane coating especially formulated to be used on sports floors. Accredited with BS EN 15301 for rotational resistance and BS EN 14904 dry slip resistance, induro® SPORT meets international standards for multi-sport use. Highly resistant to scuffs and marks, Sport is suitable for other domestic and commercial high traffic areas.

Use after sealing with induro® GP Seal or ISO Seal for a strong yet flexible coating. Sport is complete with antimicrobial properties, offering protection against E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and other harmful bacteria with a 99% kill rate after 24 hours. Maintain Sport with induro® Maintenance products.

  • Pack Size: 5L
  • Catalysis: 9 parts lacquer : 1 part catalyst by volume
  • Pot Life: 5 hours
  • Touch Dry: 20 - 30 minutes @ 18°C
  • Recoatable: 2 hours minimum @ 18°C
  • Light Use: 24 hours @ 18°C
  • Fully Hard: 5 - 7 days @ 18°C
  • Traffic: medium - high traffic once fully hard
  • Coverage: 4 coats @ 40m² per 5 litres dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated

Product Codes

SPORT-90 90% Sheen Clear Lacquer, Gloss
SPORT-50 50% Sheen Clear Lacquer, Semi-Gloss
SPORT-30 30% Sheen Clear Lacquer, Semi-Matt
SPORT-10 10% Sheen Clear Lacquer, Matt
8CAT/SP Catalyst for Induro SPORT


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