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induro® NATRO

A dead-matt, fully crosslinked single-pack waterborne polyurethane offering enhanced performance compared to other single pack waterborne floor coatings. As induro® NATRO comes fully crosslinked, there are no pot-life limitations. 

NATRO gives a natural, unfinished appearance yet is extremely strong and flexible. Outstanding physical and chemical resistance makes induro® NATRO perfect for domestic areas of medium to high traffic. Use coat-on-coat or over induro® GP or EB seal for outstanding clarity and woodwarming. 

Suitable for internal soft- and hardwood flooring for domestic applications with medium to high traffic.

induro® is not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, e.g. bathrooms and swimming pool walkways.

Application Guidelines

  1. use a short mohair or similar roller, mohair flooring pad or T-bar applicator
  2. if required, apply 1 coat of induro® GP or EB seal
  3. denibbing between coats, apply 1-2 coats of induro® NATRO at 100-120ml/m wet film thickness
  4. apply lacquer evenly and predominantly along the grain, making smooth passes with the roller/pad
  5. avoid pooling of lacquer

induro® Application Tips

  1. avoid equipment containing copper, iron, zinc, aluminium and platinum
  2. carry out an adhesion test on a small test area when overcoating non-induro® flooring products
  3. use equipment solely nominated for waterborne products only
  4. not suitable for pulling over
  5. optimum application between 18°C and 22°C with good air movement and ventilation
  6. for professional use only

  • Pack size: 5L
  • Touch dry: 20 - 30 minutes @ 18°C
  • Sandable: 2 - 3 hours @ 18°C
  • Recoatable: 2 - 3 hours @ 18°C
  • Traffic: Medium to High
  • Coverage: 40 - 50m² per 5 litres dependent on the method of application, porosity of the timber and type/desired finish

Product Codes

8DM/NT1 0% Sheen NATRO


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