clasolac® Fire-Retardant Acid-Catalyst Lacquer

A quick drying, high build acid catalyst lacquer designed for manual or automatic spray application. clasolac® maintains the substrate rating and does not upgrade it. Always seek technical information before project commencement.

clasolac® meets the requirements of BS 476: Part 6: 1989 & Part 7: 1997 Compliance with the Requirements for Class 1 & Class 0 Surfaces (as defined in Approved Document B of the Building Regulations 2000), when applied on rated MDF*

Meets the requirements of FIRA Standard 6250: Horizontal surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops) - Severe Use.

Veneer Treatment: Morrells recommends the use of N5 Salt Solution to upgrade the fire rating of untreated veneers. Veneers should be pre-sanded with 180 grit paper prior to the application of N5 Solution. N5 can be brush or spray applied at a rate of ~80 g/m2 and left 24 hours at 18°C to dry. N5 has an alkaline pH and may cause veneer discolouration, especially on light-coloured timbers. Always prepare a test panel to determine whether the level of discolouration is acceptable. When dry, the treated veneer should be lightly de-nibbed to remove excess salt residue. If staining is required, always apply the stain before the N5 Solution.

Lacquers of this type achieve their full resistance properties after approximately 21 days drying depending in conditions, although careful use is possible before this period.

* The user should consider the Fire Retardant Accreditation for this product range as a guideline only. BS 476 Parts 6 & 7 (the ‘Method to test Fire Propagation’ and the ‘Surface Spread of Flame test’ respectively) encompasses the whole finishing system which may comprise additionally of substrate, adhesive, veneer, salt solution and coating, and not just the coating.


Application methods and coating weights are also factors which will also influence fire retardancy.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their specific system/application maintains the required Fire Retardant rating.

Under normal conditions these products will have a workable pot-life of 36 hours after catalysis.

clasolac® Fire Retardant lacquers are also available in Fastmatch® colours (BS, RAL, NCS etc).

clasolac® Fire-Retardant Acid Catalyst Lacquer

A quick drying, high build Acid-Catalyst lacquer designed for manual or automatic spray application. clasolac® maintains the substrate rating and will not upgrade it. Always seek our technical advice …