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VLi® Polyurethane, Polyester and Special Effects

VLi® Polyurethane Lacquers

A complete range of solvent-based polyurethane lacquers including High Build SealersClear AcrylicsUltra High Solids (UHS)Wet-Look, and Clear and Fastmatch colour-matched lacquers.


metallicote® Metal Effects

metallicote® is a fast and simple coating system which visually transforms wood into a new or patinated metal effect. What makes metallicote® unique is the speed with which wood can be transformed, making it more suitable for large scale production speeds. When used with conventional spray equipment, one can finish and deliver big projects in a single day.

metallicote® is mixed with our VLi® 6884/460 PU binder and spray-applied to give a genuine metallic finish that is cold to the touch. metallicote® can also be patinated with a variety of chemical solution sprays to form a thin layer of patination on top of the metal coat. This can be done with copper, brass, bronze and similar metals to achieve verdigris, rust and more.

metallicote® can also be textured to give a unique appearance.

VLi® Acrylic IMO-Certified

The new range of IMO-certified VLi® Acrylic PU lacquers, specifically developed for compliance with the Fire Protection Requirements of Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU and the implementing regulation EU 2018/773.

This range of products carries the IMO mark to indicate compliance.

Maritime vessels require wooden surfaces to be protected against fire. VLi® IMO-certified clear system can achieve the required protection when the full system is in use.

System consists of clear sealer and clear topcoat.

VLi®, Vernici Legno Italiano - Italian Wood Finishes

Morrells' Italian coatings division specialising in the production of Polyurethane (PU) and Polyester (PE) coatings, including mirror-gloss and acrylic lacquer systems. VLi® also includes the Morrells Special Effects range of interior design finishes, such as Frost, Suede, Raindrop, Mother-Of-Pearl, as well as metallicote® Metal Effects such as Antique Copper, Bronze, Ferrous Rust and other metal and metal patina effects.

VLi® Polyurethane (PU) - a complete range of PU lacquers including High Build Sealers, Clear Acrylics, Ultra High Solids (UHS), Wet-Look, and Clear and Fastmatch colour-matched lacquers.

VLi® Polyester (PE) - this range includes a Clear PE Isolator to prevent natural oils and extractives from affecting the drying and adhesion of the Polyester finish. Also available is a high build 98% solids Clear Basecoat Lacquer formulated for high filling and leveling requirements before deep burnishing to a 100% gloss finish.

VLi® metallicote® - limited only by the imagination, metallicote® offers a wide choice of authentic metal and metal patina effects. Using a range of fine metal powders, such as bronze, copper, aluminium and zinc, which are mixed with catalysed VLi® Clear PU, the metallicote® is spray-applied for a basic metallic finish. It can then be manually textured using a variety of techniques. After spraying, patinating solutions can then be used to achieve authentic aged effects.