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metallicote® Patina Solutions

metallicote® Patina Solutions can be used to create the following finish effects on specific metal finishes.

  1. Patina Solution #1 - ammonia
  2. Patina Solution #2 - copper sulphate
  3. Patina Solution #3 - soap
  4. Patina Solution #4 - sodium sulphide

Rust effect, iron

  • Spray the area with a mist coat of Patina Solution #1
  • Spray the area with a mist coat of Patina Solution #2
  • Deep or light rust can be achieved, depending on the application weight
  • Rust will appear when left to dry
  • Overcoat with a thin coat of clear base lacquer to prevent further rusting

Verdigris or patina effect, bronze, brass and copper

  • Normally applied to sanded finishes
  • Spray the area with a mist coat of Patina Solution #1
  • Spray over the Patina Solution #1 with a mist coat of Patina Solution #2
  • Spray a further mist coat of the Patina Solution #1
  • Heavier applications will give a heavier/denser verdigris effect
  • Leave to dry, the verdigris effect will appear
  • Verdigris in unwanted areas may be removed with fine wire wool or 320 grit sandpaper

Burnt effect, bronzebrass and copper

  • Spray the area(s) to be burnt with a mist coat of Patina Solution #3
  • Spray over the Patina Solution #3 with Patina Solution #4
  • Remove excess liquid by dabbing with a dry cloth
  • Repeat until the required degree of burn is achieved
  • Dry with a clean cloth
  • Seal with clear lacquer within 5 minutes, to prevent increasing the burn effect

Product Codes

MCPS01 metallicote® Patina Solution #1 (Ammonia)
MCPS02 metallicote® Patina Solution #2 (Copper Suphate)
MCPS03 metallicote® Patina Solution #3 (Soap)
MCPS04 metallicote® Patina Solution #4 (Sodium Sulphate)


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