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004 metallicote® Iron Powder

A mixture of metal powder and polymer binder (with activator) is sprayed onto sheet material or an object and then finished to give both the look and feel of iron.

Techniques to finish to produce the desired effect can include grinding, sanding and polishing.

Mixing ratio

  • 1ml lacquer : 1.78g metallicote® Iron
  • e.g. 5L lacquer : 8.9kg metallicote® Iron



  • Mixing mechanically, add powder slowly to catalysed metallicote® Binder 6884/460
  • Thin to application viscosity using fast, medium or slow thinners

Textured effects

  • Apply thin background coat of metallicote®
  • Fine texture - use unthinned catalysed metallicote®, reduce fluid supply to gun and reduce air pressure to apply splatter coating
  • Coarse texture - same technique as above, with a larger fluid tip
  • For textured effects allow metallicote® to dry overnight before sanding/finishing


  • May be carried out with hand sander or machine
  • Sand edges carefully to prevent sanding through the coating
  • Start with 320 grit, then 400 grit, finish with coarse and fine wire wool
  • Always test coarseness before application

Final finishing

  • Brushed effect use wire wool, work from coarse to fine grit until effect is achieved
  • Swirling effect - use wire brush on a drill

Final coat

  • If desired, seal metallicote® with a thin coat of clear base lacquer, ensure coating thickness is as thin as possible to prevent loss of metallic feel
  • For exterior use, metallicote® must be sealed with appropriate exterior grade lacquer

Rust effect

  • Spray the area with a mist coat of Patina Solution #1
  • Spray the area with a mist coat of Patina Solution #2
  • Deep or light rust can be achieved, depending on the application weight
  • Rust will appear when left to dry
  • Overcoat with a thin coat of clear base lacquer to prevent further rusting

Product Codes

MCP004K metallicote® Iron Powder 1kg
MCP004K25 metallicote® Iron Powder 25kg
6884/460 metallicote® Binder
6CAT/35 Catalyst
MCPS01 Patina Solution #1
MCPS02 Patina Solution #2
6007/100 Standard thinners
6007/200 Slow thinners


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