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PCL Filter Regulator & Gauge 0.5"

Basic filter regulator and gauge with water and oil trap. 1/2″ BSP female thread input and output.

Use this filter to control air pressure from the compressor close to the point of spray. Using this …


Glass Fibre Air-Input Mesh Filter

Lightweight glass fibre panel air filter for use on the air input side. Helps in achieving a cleaner air supply with reduced particulate content to prevent finishing problems.

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Pleated Air-Input Filter - High Performance

High performance, premium pleated air filters for the air inlet side of the booth. Pleated panel filters are more effective at removing particulate contaminants than glass fibre, which helps in achiev…


Booth Air-Output Filter Paper

Air outlet filters for the spray booth with up to 98% filtration efficiency with stapled construction to give longer, superior working life. Expansion strapping ensures correct spacing of filter corru…