By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Hermes® BW184 Velcro Flooring Discs

Stable, velour-backed abrasive discs with a zirconia alumina grain. This grain allows for high stock removal rates and the high edge stability and robust backing of the discs increases their economic efficiency. 

This product is ideal for:

  • Repair sanding of parquet floor
  • Sanding and deburring of plastic and glass fibre 
  • Rough grinding of steel and stainless steel 

  • Grain: Zirconia alumina
  • Bonding: Resin
  • Backing: G-weight paper, velour-backed
  • Coating: Half-open
  • Diameter: 150mm; 200mm
  • Grit Range - 150mm: P24-P100
  • Pack Size - 150mm: P24: 25/box; P36-P100: 50/box
  • Grit Range - 200mm: P40-P120
  • Pack Size - 200mm: P40-P60: 25/box; P80-P120: 50/box

Product Codes

HFDZ150VCG024 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 24G
HFDZ150VCG036 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 36G
HFDZ150VCG040 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 40G
HFDZ150VCG060 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 60G
HFDZ150VCG080 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 80G
HFDZ150VCG100 150mm BW184 Velcro Disc 100G
HFDZ200VG040 200mm BW184 Velcro Disc 40G
HFDZ200VG060 200mm BW184 Velcro Disc 60G
HFDZ200VG080 200mm BW184 Velcro Disc 80G
HFDZ200VG100 200mm BW184 Velcro Disc 100G
HFDZ200VG120 200mm BW184 Velcro Disc 120G