By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® Supplies & Equipment

Spray Equipment

Sprayshop® spray equipment approved specifically for use with Morrells® products. Stress tested in-house for reliability and longevity to ensure continuous high performance.

Compressors - a variety of NUAIR® compressors to meet any budget and performance requirement. The range includes oil free and lubricated direct drive items, as well as lubricated belt-driven compressors from 50L up to 270L capacity.

Spray Systems and Pumps several standard and low pressure spray systems, including turbines for HVLP, pressure pots and our own Sprayshop® pumps specifically engineered for use with our wood finishes. The sprayshop® 31:26 AAA Pump and Sprayshop®-Kremlin® EOS AAA Pump offer total reliability and construction quality.

Spray Guns a range of spray guns, consisting of our Sprayshop® Signature I, Signature II and Signature III tested and developed for use with our wood finishes, as well as a choice of more conventional spray guns.

Hose, Fittings, Accessories - air and fluid hoses, connectors and fittings, gun cleaning kits, blowguns, and more.

Filters and Regulators - filter regulators, coalescing filters and breathing air filters for breathing equipment, as well as general spray booth input and output airflow filters.

Drying Racks and Turntables - standard turntables and 15 bar, 550mm wide drying racks.

Personal Protection Equipment

Sprayshop® stocks a full range of personal protection equipment, predominantly featuring respirators and dust masks from 3M® and North®such as the 3M7500 Silicone Half Mask and North® N7700M Respirator. Replacement filters are also available for both 3M® and North® respirators.

Protective clothing is also stocked, with items such as TrueTouch® gloves, protective coveralls and 3M® products such as safety goggles and ear muffs.

Prepare & Repair

Sprayshop® offers multiple solutions for wood prepare and repair.

Sanding and Burnishing

Sprayshop® supplies a full range of Sanding and Burnishing equipment designed to work perfectly with Morrells® products.

Perfecta® Burnishing - Morrells® burnishing line is perfect for removing swirl marks, light scratches and defects before providing a fast, easy and flawless high gloss finish to furniture, high-end joinery, luxury vehicle interiors, and kitchens and bathrooms. The Full Perfecta® kit includes: 800/1000 grit film-black discs, perfecta+ burnishing cream, Sprayshop® variable speed polisher, lambswool mop, black foam finishing pad and perfecta shield spray.

The Sprayshop® range of abrasives includes sanding discs designed to fit perfectly with the Sprayshop® Random Orbital Sander, foam and standard rolls for multiple sanding applications and sanding sheets for more profiled sanding.

Morrells® also stocks a variety of Mirka® abrasives and equipment. This line includes all standard electric and pneumatic sanders.


Sprayshop® supplies a variety of consumables covering a wide range of applications. 

Brushes, Rollers & Frames - Three separate ranges of brushes are available: Premier Synthetic Brushes, Craftsman Brushes & All Purpose Brushes.

Mini Rollers & Frames - A selection of miniature 4" rollers and frames are available as packs of 10 in a variety of piles (short pile, medium pilesolvent resistant or as an assortment).

Decorating Equipment - Various tools and equipment such as knives, blades, paint scrapers and scuttles.

Sprayshop® Sheets & Masking - Masking paper available as standard brown or Sprayshop® branded.


Sprayshop® stocks its own range of adhesives. 

Sprayshop® PVA Adhesives - 

Sprayshop® Contact Adhesives

Sprayshop® Hot Melt Adhesives

Sprayshop® Polyurethane Adhesives

Sprayshop® Mitre Adhesives


Morrells Sprayshop® includes our complete range of spray equipment, personal protection equipment, sprayshop consumables, sanding equipment, prepare and repair products, and more. Sprayshop® provides a full turn-key service for all products required for surface preparation, finishing, touch-up, repair and clean-up.

Morrells Sprayshop® Branches deliver next day to local customers and offer comprehensive trade counter services including Fastmatch® colour-mixing, bespoke stain-matching through our laboratories in Stockport and a vast array of spray equipment. Morrells Sprayshop® Trade Counters can be found in all UK regions including Scotland, Northern Ireland and also in The Republic of Ireland and Johannesburg.